About Us

Yanar Hukuk Bürosu (Law Office) was established in 2001 by Attorney Gürkan Yanar. Following its establishment, moving on with the significant experiences gained by providing attorney services to the important banks and the leading intermediary firms of Turkey our law office; shows utmosy care in order to provide an integrated legal service as a result-oriented law office that produces innovative, dynamic, fast and practical solutions with its team strengthening over time.

Considering the privacy and needs of its clients as the most important priority our office continues its activities by complying with all the principles of the legal profession.

We firstly believe and ensure that;

- a lawyer must always act in the best interests of the client and must put those interests before the lawyer’s own interests or those of fellow members of the legal profession,

- in no condition a lawyer may not limit his or her liabilities towards the client in accordance with the professional rules to which the lawyer’s profession is subject,

- a lawyer shall advise and represent the client promptly, conscientiously and diligently,

- a lawyer shall undertake personal responsibility for the discharge of the client’s instructions and shall keep the client informed as to the progress of the matter with which the lawyer has been entrusted.

Believing in accordance with those rules and the importance of creating a cooperation of long-term and based on confidence with its clients our office also offers its clients financial assurance with the professional liability insurance in a way to cover both the currently continuing and the past 5 years for the compensation of its clients that might arise from the missing or faulty legal activities as well as taking all the necessary professional measures to ensure that its clients are not harmed.

In addition, our office will start to provide mediation services in a short time.